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These statistics are based on findings from Michael Harvey as he travels the world speaking with churches about how they can become both welcoming and invitational. If these are true, then we have a church paralysed by fear when it comes to inviting someone to church or a church event. For us to break through these fears, we must first realise that success in invitation is not about whether we get a “Yes” or a “No”, but the fact that we took a step out in faith. God does not view success by the number of yeses.

Who is the one person you could invite along to church? Spend time with God asking for a name and then an opportunity!

Invitation Timetable

Here is a helpful timetable to consider using when your church is preparing for taking part in the National Weekend of Invitation. For more information and ideas on what you could do, head to


Timetable – What & When

This simple timetable will help your church make the most of The National Weekend of Invitation.

January to April

Easter Sunday April 21st

  • Launch the National Weekend of Invitation to your church – the risen Jesus calls us to invite others to follow him.

May 30th – June 9th

  • Take part in the Archbishop’s Thy Kingdom Come – 10 days to especially pray for those being invited. The Church of Scotland are also partnering with this, read the article here

Sunday June 2nd – Invitation Cross Sunday

  • Teach the three ways to think differently about invitation.
  • Prayerfully bringing to a cross the names of those who will receive invitations.

June 9th – Inviter Sunday on Pentecost Sunday

  • Share the stories of those who have invited – how they felt and what God did.
  • Celebrate their obedience – no matter the outcome.

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June – The Weekend

  • Hold one or more invitation events large and small – pub quiz, curry evening, guest artist, debate, hot topic, guest service, youth activity and more.

The rest of the year

  • Apply what you have learned and keep inviting – Alpha, Christianity Explored, The Pilgrim Course, guest services, evangelistic breakfasts and Messy Church.

Saltmine Theatre Company

This Spring, Weekend of Invitation are partnering with the Saltmine Theatre Company, as they tour the country, taking a seriously funny look at why we don’t invite people to church. They are currently taking bookings from churches and organisations around the country. If you would be interested in hosting them in your area, please contact us today, email Robbie Morrison – for more information.

Saltmine Tour Poster


Over the past year, Michael Harvey has been working closely with a number of churches around the country, mentoring them and helping them to develop a culture of invitation within their congregation. One such church is Bellshill West, which has seen over 20 people coming to church as a result of an invitation. Here is Rev. Calum Stark sharing a little more about the response experienced there.

Weekend of Invitation Roadshow

Following on from our successful road show with Michael Harvey last month, where over 200 people representing over 80 churches attended, we will be releasing a new blog post at least every two weeks from now until the Weekend of Invitation main event, set for June 2019. Of course, you don’t have to wait until then to invite someone along to a church event, and so this blog will look at some of the reasons why we don’t invite others, and what we can do to overcome those reasons, as well as some practical tips for events.


Weekend of Invitation

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Welcome to our Weekend of Invitation blog, where, over the coming months, we will be posting regular blog posts regarding all things invitation, and looking at how we can develop more of a culture of invitation within our congregations. As well as practical ideas for what events you could put on, we will also be looking at those who are currently working towards invitation becoming a reality within their church, and gaining some insight and wisdom along the way.