Monthly Archives: June 2019


As we have been working with churches across Scotland, one thing has become clear – lives have been transformed. What has been incredible to witness has been the change within those doing the inviting as they learn to hear God’s voice in directing them to who He wants them to invite. Here is a great video where Rev. Calum Stark shares with us what has been the most exciting part of the process

Cross Sunday

With the Weekend of Invitation coming up soon, many churches around the country have been preparing by holding their Cross Sunday service. During this service, those in attendance are encouraged to spend a few moments in prayer, asking God for the name of one person they could invite along to an event held by the church. They are then asked to write the name on a Post-It note and bring that to the front to stick on to the cross. You can watch a video from Rev. Calum Stark sharing his experience with this by clicking here.