You want your church to be more invitational. So put Moses to work.

The story of the call of Moses – and lessons from it – are at the heart of material launched to help churches become more invitational. Watch the video Moses God’s Unlikely Hero here

Waiting for you are -
•A sermon outline – based on God’s call to Moses to invite Pharaoh to ‘let my people go
•A PowerPoint of the headings.
•Three highly-effective videos from the Saltmine Theatre Company illustrating the teaching points.

Together, they give a church leader all that’s needed for an Invitation Cross Sunday to see their members think differently about invitation and be released to invite.

The resources can be downloaded free of charge from Free Resources.

An invitation Cross Sunday can be held at any time. However, many churches are holding one on June 2nd in the context of the Thy Kingdom Come initiative and leading up to the National Weekend of Invitation later that month.

For full details of what’s involved go to Invitation Cross Sunday.

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