Elders Conference 2021: A series of webinars throughout June

A person being led by the hand by a lake

A series of Learn webinars to inspire, connect and equip current and future Elders in the Church of Scotland.

Free online event - every Thursday in June, 7-9pm

"Eldership in Times of Change"

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our congregational lives, raising numerous fundamental and practical questions.

Over the course of four online evening webinars, the Elders Conference 2021 will reflect on the significance of Elders' role in the areas of discipleship, worship, leadership and relationship and explore how effectively and efficiently they can play their parts in times of change.


  •   3 June, 7-9pm Eldership and Worship
  • 10 June, 7-9pm Eldership and Discipleship
  • 17 June, 7-9pm Eldership and Leadership
  • 24 June, 7-9pm Eldership and Relationship

 For more information about this event and to book your place, visit Eventbrite here.