Catriona Muckart from Dornoch Cathedral

For me the discovery of the NYA was wonderful, and wouldn’t have happened at all if it hadn’t been for my minister whose daughter had attended a few years ago. There are many lovely and welcoming people in my church, however the average age of the congregation is about 105. (Ok, maybe 60). Therefore the realisation that there are also many folk my own age who not only attend church, but consider it a vital part of their lives was extremely liberating in a ‘Yay it’s not just me’ kind of way. It enabled me to find a sense of community within a faith context, which had eluded me previously. I was made to feel so welcome by everyone, and over the course of the weekend met some amazing people. I also cherished the opportunity to take an active part in the discussion and debate surrounding the prevalent issues examined at the assembly. Once I got the hang of the lingo that is! Being a first time debater I struggled slightly at the beginning, but with the help of my small group, soon got to grips with things. The NYA was a fantastic experience for me and I hope to see everyone again next year!