2016: Catriona Munro - NYA representative

UNYA report daynbelievable to think it’s already been a year since the General Assembly (GA) last swung round!  Yet here we are again with this year’s already a distant memory!  Another eventful week full of long days and debates, catching up with old friends and making new ones, mingling with moderators past and present, and the odd Royal representative.  Why go on holiday when you can go to GA?!

2016: Ailie MacDougall – Presbytery of Greenock & Paisley

I had a great time at the general assembly in Edinburgh and I am really glad that I went. Before going, I didn't know what to expect as I had never seen it before or followed it on the television but I absolutely loved the experience as a youth representative and it was exciting to be sharing it with others of my age.

2014: Amy Hawthorn - West Lothian presbytery

Amy Hawthorn, the presbytery of West Lothian youth rep at GA 2014 talks about her experience of the General Assembly.

2012: Julianna Hedberg – Presbytery of Europe

It’s often difficult to put a profound experience into words.  To describe in a way that others might understand one’s seemingly muddled perception of colours, emotions, debates, and experiences that formed the General Assembly of 2012 seems daunting at first.  Over the weeks and months that have passed since the event, however, I have shared its story countless times with friends and colleagues.  I share it as a defining experience in my life. I would like to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude to everyone who made it what it was and enabled me to attend.

2012: Becky Hogg – Duns presbytery

This was my first experience as a youth representative at the General Assembly. I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to fill this position, but I am very glad that I did as it gave me an insight into the wider work of the Church of Scotland. The setting, in the Assembly Halls in Edinburgh, was magnificent, and accommodated the 800 or so delegates very well!

2012: John Kennedy - Presbytery of Wigtown and Stranraer

In 2012 the Presbytery of Wigtown and Stranraer sent me as a Youth Rep. to the General Assembly. One of the benefits of being a Youth Rep is being able to see the bigger picture on some areas of the Church’s work, which many of us were unaware of. During our preparation time with fellow Youth Reps we were also able to draw on the experience of those who had been to the General Assembly before and get help wording any questions we wanted to ask or deliverances we wanted to move.

2012: Alistair Vannett - Presbytery of Angus

This was my second year at the general assembly. This year I didn’t just about set fire to an ancient church, similarly I managed to control the amazing refilling glasses at the palace! It was very different to last year. Firstly, there were many new youth reps, actually making me one of the more experienced out of the bunch, a worrying prospect! As is custom the moderator had also changed, this year it was Albert Bogle, now Rt Rev Albert Bogle. He brought a passion to proceedings and a more contemporary feel, including a General assembly choir and also a small worship band.

2013: Catriona Muckart - Presbytery of Sutherland

This year I was lucky enough to have the chance to be the youth representative for Sutherland at the General Assembly.  The week was a total mixture of thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Sometimes revealing, confusing, overwhelming and very informative.

All the youth reps stayed together meaning that we could have prep sessions at night, led by the staff team that looked out for us and that made sure we were informed and ready for the following day or so.  The staff were fantastic and on hand if you needed a chat or were just really confused!

2013: Robert Kimmitt - NYA Rep

On Friday 17th May, I finished collecting Christian Aid money in Prestonfield and cycled down to the Holiday Inn Express on the Cowgate, not quite knowing what to expect. I have a number of friends, who I know through the National Youth Assembly (NYA), who had been to General Assembly (GA) before, and so I had a pretty good idea of what went on but I was very eager to see for myself what things were really like. After I arrived, we spent some time waiting for others to arrive and generally getting to know new faces as well as greeting old friends from NYA.

2013: John Haston - NYA Rep

If I had to pick one word to describe my week would be… Amazing!

I loved every second of it all, even the early morning worship and the late evening preparations and Worship sometimes not finishing till around 11.30pm.