NYA Moderator and Clerk

Each year a young adult is selected to take on the role of NYA moderator.  The role involves chairing the discussions that take place at that years NYA event, collating a record of the event and producing a report for the General Assembly.  Throughout the year the moderator works with the team of youth reps to explore how the discussions will be followed up and the voice of young people can be heard throughout the year.  They also represent the NYA at various events and encourage young people to take an active role in the National Councils and Committees of the Church.  Each moderator takes on the role at an NYA event and holds it for the following year until the next person takes over at the next NYA event.  The current moderator (2016) is Andrew MacPherson.  Over the last few years moderators have been Hannah Mary Goodlad (2015), Rachel Hutcheson (2014), Lynsey Martin (2013), Euan Patterson (2012), Amanda Phillip (2011), Kim Wood (2010) and Iain McLarty (2008-2009).

Since 2013 another person has been selected to take on the role of clerk serving alongside the moderator.  While primarily a supportive role, the clerk is just as vital to proceedings and offers those whose leadership skills are best utilised behind the scenes rather than upfront an opportunity to be involved.  The current clerk (2016) is Lyndsay Kennedy.  Over the last few years clerks have been Catriona Muckart (2015), John Haston (2014) and Esther Nisbet (2013).

Moderator and Clerk 2016

AndrewAndrew lives in Broxburn, West Lothian and works in Edinburgh as a Change Analyst. He spent the early years of his life in Ayrshire but has called Broxburn his home for the past 18 years. A keen football fan, he no longer has much opportunity to play but enjoys supporting local side Livingston and when not watching football he also enjoys golfing.

Andrew has spent his whole life affiliated with the Church of Scotland, currently though the life and work of his congregation of Broxburn Parish Church. As an officer in the Boys’ Brigade amongst many other activities in his congregation, Andrew can often be found in the church buildings.

Andrew has twice visited Romania on mission work working with large groups of disadvantaged children in rural areas of the country bringing them the message of the Bible and the hope and joy that it brings. During the months of May and June, his family host a child from Belarus as part of a charity helping areas of the country and those living there recover from the Chernobyl Disaster which still has far reaching effects nearly 30 years on. Additionally, Andrew currently represents the National Youth Assembly as a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament, a key platform for those aged between 14 and 25 to represent young people in their local authority or voluntary group and ensure their voice is carried forward.

Andrew says “I’m delighted to have been given the honour of being Moderator of the National Youth Assembly for the coming year and I cannot wait for it to begin. I know I have an excellent team behind me including my clerk Lyndsay, who I’m sure will play an integral part in the success of the year. This year will be the chance for me to take forward the great discussions that will take place at this year’s Assembly and it is exciting to think of the potential impact these could have.

I am sure it will be a challenging year in many ways, but rewarding in so many more, I couldn’t think of a more supportive group to have with me, nor can I wait to see the other work that goes on alongside us throughout the whole Church of Scotland. As the first male moderator for a few years, one of my aims is to try and boost the number of guys we have at the assembly, the balance has not been near equal in recent years and I would see that as a great achievement if I could bring this tighter. 

It’s easy to see the impact that one congregation can have in its local community, and I cannot wait to see the impact that the Church of Scotland has nationwide. It is something I have some idea of, but getting to know everything that is going, will put it in perspective I’m sure.  Hopefully I will see you in August.”

LyndsayLyndsay is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and has lived and worked in Edinburgh for 3 years. Originally from Aberdeenshire, Lyndsay grew up in Kintore Parish Church where she was a Junior Church leader for several years before moving to Edinburgh, where she is now a member at Greenbank Parish Church. She has always enjoyed being an active member at a local level and she is currently a member of the Guild, the choir, the praise band, sits on the Congregational Board and is one of the youth group leaders. Outside of work and church Lyndsay enjoys cooking, baking, knitting and music.

Lyndsay says “Since attending my first NYA in 2007 and finding fellowship and friendship I haven’t missed one yet.  Over the last few years I’ve really enjoyed supporting other delegates as a small group leader.  This will be my 10th and final NYA and I’m really looking forward to being clerk and playing my part in creating an inclusive, engaging event for other young adults.”