NYA 2018 Youth Reps

Each year 18 NYA delegates are elected by their peers to serve alongside the NYA Moderator and Clerk as youth reps. Their role is to represent young people and the NYA in particular through the year, by attending presbytery meetings, continuing the work discussed at NYA and encouraging more young people from across the Church to get involved.  Of the group, 8 are chosen to represent NYA at the General Assembly alongside the NYA Moderator and Clerk.

The youth reps for 2018 are Rachel Billes, Fraser Borland, Hannah Dunlop, Nicola Forbes, Kaspar Garnham, Shahrukh Gill, Amy Hannah, Rachel Hunter, Gemma King, Connor Macfadyen, Dana McQuater, Deborah Nicol, Esther Nisbet, Rebecca Pennykid, Blythe Rodger, Tasha Scotland and Tara Shannon.