NYA 2016 Youth Reps

Each year 18 people are selected from attendees at the youth assembly to serve alongside the NYA moderator and clerk as youth reps. Their role is to represent young people and the NYA in particular through the year, by attending presbytery meetings, continuing to work on things that came up at NYA and encouraging more young people to get involved.  Of these 9 are chosen to represent NYA at the General Assembly alongside the NYA moderator.

The youth reps for 2016 are Rebecca Craig, Naomi Dornan, Chris Fett-Worsfold, Shahrukh Gill, James Hyman, William Kamwa, Iona Kimmitt, Gemma King, Connor MacFayden, Alison Marshall, Fiona Marshall, Catriona Munro, Esther Nisbet, Laura-Jane Sinclair, Hazel Smith, Fraser Stockton, Lindsay Thompson and Rachel Walker.  We have an international youth rep this year too, Kearstin Bailey who is based in Hungary.