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Watch our latest video from our Life Stories series, this month from Jennie Chinembiri

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Robbie Morrison, Edinburgh

Watch our latest Life Story video, this month featuring Robbie Morrison, Mission Development Worker for the Church of Scotland.

Eleanor, Edinburgh

Watch our latest Life Story video, featuring Eleanor from Edinburgh. Hear how God impacted her life through attending a Billy Graham rally in Edinburgh.

Tracy, Inverness

Tracy, from Inverness, shares her story of the impact God has made on her life. Got a story to share? We would love to hear from you!

Robert, Edinburgh

Watch our latest Life Story edition, this month featuring Robert from Edinburgh telling us the difference being a Christian has made on his life.

Audrey's story

Have a look at this month’s Life Story video, and hear the impact God had in Audrey's life.

James Gardner

Have a look at this month’s Life Story video, featuring James Gardner and hear the impact God had in his life.

Tracey, Arbroath

Have a look at our latest Life Story, this time from Tracey. Hear the impact God has had on her life, and the great work which she does in Arbroath.

Susan MacFarlane, Arbroath

Watch our April video, this month featuring Susan MacFarlane who lives in Arbroath. Hear the impact God had on her life and all that she now does to further God's Kingdom here in Scotland.

From someone in the North East

My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2009. It was devastating.

Alison Hay, Fife

I am a believer in Christ because throughout my life I have experienced his leading, comforting, revealing and feeding.

From a lady in Aberdeen

Being a Christian isn’t just about a one off event of becoming a Christian, although that is definitely important.

Scott, Kilmarnock

My story begins in 1990 when I met the girl that was to become my second, but true love wife, Ann.

Michael Archibald

Hear from Michael Archibald the difference Jesus has made in his life.

Ian Bullock, Arbroath

Hear how a simple invitation to church forever changed Ian’s life. Do you know someone you could invite to church?

Louise Falconer, Edinburgh

Watch Louise share her story of how God has impacted her life since attending youth group at the local Church of Scotland.