Alison Hay, Fife

Why Believe

I am a believer in Christ because throughout my life I have experienced his leading, comforting, revealing and feeding.

The knowledge of Christ was a certainty in my heart from a young child. I took refuge, communing with him. When I received signs, dreams and "I want you" after witnessing a heavenly rejoicing. I asked my dad and he said 'if there is a God he will tell you what he wants you to do'. That is indeed what happened. I journey being led, comforted, guided, taught, crossing boundaries and given times of rest as well as times in fast flowing waters.

He has seen me through challenging times when I have witnessed loss, cruelty and also experienced love through Christ our Saviour.

The many times he has led me next to people who are having severe trials and the comfort and blessings which then flow... He has allowed me to proclaim the word, assist in Church planting and enabled others to come to Christ.