Local Church Review

Local Church Review (LCR) was enacted by the General Assembly in 2011 (Act 1 2011) and replaces the Superintendence Quinquennial Visitation programme as the Presbytery’s process for Congregational Review. The materials here are a resource for Presbyteries to shape their own Local Church Review process, and can be used as they are, but will be of most benefit when adapted and contextualised for the unique setting of each Presbytery.


‘Facilitation’ literally means ‘to make something easy’. In the context of Local Church Review (LCR) it means helping a congregation to work well together in the process of review and evaluation, and in discerning God’s vision for them.

General Principles

The process of Local Church Review creates principles to shape the life of the congregation, rather than determine prescriptive behaviour. It is a process in which faith and vows of membership should be highlighted and strengthened throughout.

Goal Setting

In formulating an action plan, the church will have to set goals and priorities. When setting goals many find the SMART acronym useful. There are several different versions of this, but in one commonly used version SMART refers to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time - framed.

Local Church Review Worship

Devotional materials for Sunday Worship or LCR Team training sessions.

Statistics for Mission

Statistics for Mission is not only about statistics for your parish but also, for the first time ever, there is a complete set of digitised parish boundaries in a consistent format for the whole of Scotland.

Theological Introduction

Local Church Review (LCR) is a creative relationship between congregation, Presbytery and the wider community. The Good News of Jesus Christ is made known in the relationship he had with those he met on the journey; it is this meeting and journeying that is central to LCR.