Statistics for Mission

Statistics for Mission is not only about statistics for your parish but also, for the first time ever, there is a complete set of digitised parish boundaries in a consistent format for the whole of Scotland. Go to the Church of Scotland's Statistics for Mission page, select 'go to the Church Finder', enter your postcode (or your church's postcode) and select 'parish statistics' from the further information column next to the church to download a PDF for your parish, which contains data from the 2011 Census.

Statistics for Mission and the companion book, "Who is my neighbour? A user’s guide to Statistics for Mission" have been produced to help your Church understand your own community better, because the more we understand our parishes – those that live in them and their needs – the more we can serve God in being effective in mission.

Download the free “Who is my neighbour” PDF or purchase the booklet (£7.50) from our online shop