Greg de Blieck asks ‘Is your music struggling to “connect” with people?’

Too Many New Worship Songs?

Noel RichardsForty years ago, when I started out in music, there were none of the contemporary expressions of worship and song in the church, that we take for granted today.

Lessons for Sunday 2

In the next video tutorial from jazz pianist Richard Michael he takes inspiration from Vaughan Williams and explores how to add a walking bass to hymns.

Lessons for Sunday 3

This week jazz pianist Richard Michael shows us how to spice up the harmonies of a hymn tune.

Lessons for Sunday 1

Have you ever wondered how you can improvise from scratch at the piano or the organ? Top jazz pianist Richard Michael gives some basic ideas to get you started.


Mark Cameron interviews Scottish Christian rapper Mpfree and reviews the Christian Hip-Hop EP ‘Battle’.

Last verse with a groove

Have you ever wondered how you can get away from playing the music exactly as written in the hymnbook and free things up a bit.