All New Organ Accompaniment Resource


Phill Mellstrom provides information on a new organ accompaniments resource.

Palmerston Place Church organMusic provides an essential part of our 'language' in worship. More than any other art form it has the ability to transport you through an emotional journey, creating rich textures that heighten the images suggested through the lyrics of songs and hymns. It unlocks the imagination and can help our souls soar to great heights of joy or explore the darker reaches of sorrow and loss.

Through the harmony in the music we can hear the depth of the melody explored and the many different voices joining as one to lift up the themes of the piece.

In organ music we find this use of harmony, explored throughout the different ranges the instrument has to offer. The rich harmony of many of our great hymns, resonate through the pipes of these great instruments inspiring many worshippers to sing out and even many listeners to lift their hearts in worship.

This is perhaps why the Resourcing Worship team have had so many requests for organ music to be made available for those who for whatever reason have no organist to play the instrument in their church or indeed they have no organ, but appreciate the musical richness the instrument provides.

In response to this the Resourcing Worship team are delighted to introduce a new resource which was recently uploaded to the Resourcing Mission website.

Palmerston Place Church organ front viewSeveral days were spent in the beautiful surroundings of Palmerston Place Church in central Edinburgh. The organ found there provides a sound that is not too overwhelming and will sit easily in the surroundings of wherever you decide to play and worship with this music.

We were fortunate to enlist the talents of renowned organist Dr John Kitchen.John Kitchen

His beautiful playing along with the sound of the organ within the acoustic of Palmerston Place Church was faithfully captured in these recordings.

The first group of recordings feature well known hymns from CH4 that can be used throughout Lent, perhaps in conjunction with the other readings and reflections available on the Church of Scotland website. There will be additions to the organ accompaniments with Psalms for Lent, Easter and Trinity; Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity being added throughout the coming weeks. The music is available not only to download, but to stream and perhaps in due course be put on to CD format. This could be used as ideal background music for House groups, when partaking in home communion or for personal prayer or reflection.

Palmerston PlaceThe new organ resource sits alongside many other resources that are designed to be used as part of your everyday worship. We have the Different Voices blog, Starters for Sunday, prayer resources and preacher’s resources to name but a few.  All of these and more can all be found on this website.

Phill Mellstrom is the Worship Development Worker for the Church of Scotland’s Mission and Discipleship Council. If you have any queries about resources or training options then you can contact him on 0131 225 5722 or by email.