Come soon, the day

Louis Kinsey offers a new hymn for Remembrance Sunday, a plea and a prayer for an end to war and violence.

This hymn was written out of a personal longing for the return of Christ and the advent of his fulfilled and completed kingdom, when young men and women won't ever have to go to war again. The texts that inform the verses (indicated below) lead from the Old Testament prophetic hope of Isaiah on to the fulfilment of that hope in Jesus Christ, the Lord, who is himself wounded (v.4) as the means by which peace is finally accomplished. The final verse, in this time before Christ's return and a new heaven and earth are established, is a prayer that the peace of Christ will fill our hearts, in the face of much that could overwhelm us with anxiety, and for boldness when so much of the world's suffering threatens to quench faith.

It is written to be sung to the tune of Repton (#485, 696, 710 in the Church Hymnary 4th edition), which is the tune associated with the hymn ‘Dear Lord and Father of mankind’, and its thoughtful nature accompanies the verses appropriately. Other tunes of a similar metre (86 886 6) may suit the words equally well.

1. Come soon, the day, when peace shall reign
And nations fight no more
When spears are turned to pruning hooks
And love displaces hateful looks
When none shall train for war
When none shall train for war
(Isaiah 2:4 NIV)

2. Come soon, the day, when Christ the King
Will rule in all the earth
When nations live beneath his law
To glory in their strength no more
And dwell in love and peace
And dwell in love and peace
(Micah 4:3 NIV)

3. Come soon, the day when love is crowned
And sin at last cast down
When faithful hearts can rest in peace
And battles of the soul will cease
When Christ at last appears
When Christ at last appears
(1 Peter 2:11 NIV)

4. Come soon, the triumph of the Lamb
Who bears the wounds of love
The Lord of lords and King of kings
He comes, and in his victory brings
All those who love his name
All those who love his name
(Revelation 17:14 NIV)

5. Come soon, eternal day of peace
May hate and war be gone
Let justice flow and love abound
When men and women gather round
The Lamb upon the throne
The Lamb upon the throne
(Ecclesiastes 3:8 NIV)

6. Come, peace of Christ to fill our hearts
And make our spirits bold
A peace, not as this dark world gives,
The peace of Christ, for Jesus lives
And fills our hearts with love
And fills our hearts with love.
(John 14:27 NIV)

Words by Louis Kinsey © Jocky Music 2013

Louis Kinsey is a parish minister in Aberdeen and an Army Reserve chaplain with 205 (Scottish) Field Hospital. He has served as a chaplain in Iraq and in Afghanistan. 
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