Here you will find details of the staff of the Church of Scotland who may be of assistance to you in your mission and outreach.

Future Focus

Future Focus

Future focus is essentially a spiritual process that a whole congregation engages in together. It is designed to be used by an external facilitator working alongside a congregation or grouping.

The handbook and PowerPoint slides are available to download by clicking here.


Here you will find details of the various funding opportunities that are available – this is not exhaustive and we hope to add more as we gather the information.

Mission Forum

The Mission Forum comprises members of all of the various Councils and Committees of the Church of Scotland.

Scottish Storytelling Centre

You will find information on the Scottish Storytelling Centre's work, events and resources here.

External Resources

Here you will find some useful links to external websites.

Emerging Church

Resources and information about the Church of Scotland’s work in the area of emerging church. This includes collaborative work with Fresh Expressions.


This section answers questions about the Christian faith and explores issues from a faith perspective.

Resourcing Mission

The Pilgrims' Post picture is available here for anyone to download.

Mission Research

This section contains information on research with a mission focus.


Enews is the monthly newsletter of the Mission and Discipleship Council.

Year Book

This is the latest version of the Mission and Discipleship Council's Year Book.

Statistics for Mission

Statistics for Mission is not only about statistics for your parish but also, for the first time ever, there is a complete set of digitised parish boundaries in a consistent format for the whole of Scotland.

Local Church Review

Local Church Review (LCR) was enacted in 2011 and these materials are a resource for Presbyteries to shape their own LCR process.