Mission Forum

The Mission Forum was formed after the establishment of the Mission & Discipleship Council. This was previously an internal forum within the Council to explore the understanding of mission in order to document the mission activities already taking place within the Church of Scotland, and to explore the lessons that could be learnt from such projects for the benefit of the Council and the wider church.

In 2012 the Forum was re-formed to be an inter-council group that sought to bring a richer understanding of mission given from the different insights of the various areas of the Church of Scotland. The remit remains the same: to hold mission before the Church of Scotland in order that the Church may make decisions that reflect the priority of mission within its vision and calling.

Currently, the key terms that capture the activity of the Mission Forum is collaborate, conversation and create.


The Mission Forum brings together representatives from different Councils and Committees of the Church of Scotland to enable the breadth of Mission to be considered so that the whole church can engage in mission. The Forum consists of representatives from: Mission and Discipleship; Council of assembly , Church and Society; Ministries; World Mission; CrossReach; Panel on Review and Reform; The Committee on Ecumenical Relations; plus agencies outside of the Church of Scotland.


The Mission Forum explores a mission topic by entering into a conversation with one another and other agencies to ensure each of us can understand the different perspectives held by those who put mission into practice. We recently asked, “How are we to enable mission with older people, for older people and to older people?


The Mission Forum has created a Mission and Older People Study guide  resource for the Church of Scotland. The purpose of this resource is to enable members, kirk sessions and presbyteries to run awareness raising evenings and help local pastoral groups, Guilds or those working with CrossReach to explore the topic further.

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