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Interfaith and Mission Report

IMG coverThe resource offers an accessible, attractive and readable format of the General Assembly 2014 Report entitled "Interfaith and Mission".

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women

This Quick Guide has been compiled by the Church Without Walls team of the Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland in response to the report on Domestic Abuse by the Church and Society Council to the General Assembly of 2012. It is not exhaustive but aims to suggest some ways in which individuals and church congregations can make a difference for women who are, or have been, the victims of domestic violence, and provides links to some of the organisations and agencies who can help.

Preventing and responding to violence against women
Refugees and the Church of Scotland

Find out more about how the Church is working with refugees and how you and your congregation can welcome the stranger and assist those in need.

Refugees and the Church of Scotland