Response to the Corona Virus

Our staff are currently working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak.  We regret therefore that we are unable to send out any orders at this time.  However, many of our resources are still available for downloading here.

Stewardship: Joyful Generosity

Joyful generosity logo on green backgroundJoyful Generosity is a personal giving resource that sits within the money theme of the Narrative of Generosity

Click here for more information and downloadable resources.

Joyful Generosity offers your congregation information and teaching on Christian giving which will encourage the regular, planned and committed giving of money by members and attendees of the Church. Our financial giving to God is an important aspect of our discipleship and stewardship. Click on the links below to download PDF copies of the Joyful Generosity information leaflet, worship resources, Bible studies and personal devotionals.