Response to the Corona Virus

Our staff are currently working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak.  We regret therefore that we are unable to send out any orders at this time.  However, many of our resources are still available for downloading here.

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Walking Together - Reflection Cards

Reflective walks can be a meaningful way for people to connect with God, creation and each other.  These Walking Together card sets can prompt conversation and reflection with people across the generations. Download or order the number of card sets you'd like for your group (1 set per 1-4 participants).


Frequently Asked Questions to the General Trustees

The Rural Working Group has put together a set of Frequently Asked Questions to the General Trustees around the management of Church buildings.  Download the pdf version here or order a free copy.


Training for & Sustaining Ministry in Rural Settings

Over the last two years the Church of Scotland’s Rural Working Group has consulted with hundreds of people all over rural Scotland. The same questions are asked across the nation.

This document is a response from Ministries Council to these frequently asked questions. It compliments the pre-existing FAQs to The General Trustees.

Download the pdf here or order a free copy.


Church Organisation from Scratch - for rural or small congregations

Prepared by the Rural Working Group, this step-by-step guide is for session clerks, ministers and office bearers to help the effective and successful operation of parish church.  It takes into account that certain skills may be in short supply and addresses a number of issues often encountered by rural congregations, but will be of use to all congregations, wherever they are.  Download the document here or order a free copy.


Quick Guide: Setting up a rural event

A significant proportion of parishes within the Church of Scotland are rural. Being rural has its own set of opportunities and challenges.  This Quick Guide addresses some of the challenges your congregation might face and signposts helpful resources.  Download the pdf here or order a free copy.


Diverse Gender Identities and Pastoral Care

Diverse Gender Identities and Pastoral Care - front cover

Diverse Gender Identities and Pastoral Care 

This booklet has been created to help pastoral teams to support those in our communities who identify themselves as Transgender or their family members. (Click here for more information)


Creating a Culture of Invitation

Listen again to the sessions from our Culture of Invitation event at Hampden Park in March, as our guest speaker, Michael Harvey shares his insight on how we can develop this as culture within our church, as well as taking a look at some of the reasons as to why we find it hard inviting people to church.


People of the Way

People of the WayPeople of the Way, Pray Now devotions, reflections, blessings and prayer activities is now available from St Andrew Press or via

Mission and Older People Study Guide

NEW REDUCED PRICE Was £7.50 now £3.75

The Mission Forum has created a Mission and Older People Study guide resource for the Church of Scotland. The purpose of this resource is to enable members, kirk sessions and presbyteries to run awareness raising evenings and help local pastoral groups, Guilds or those working with CrossReach to explore the topic further.


God, Jesus and Truth

God Jesus Truth leafletAnswers to questions about God, Jesus and Truth are central to all our lives.  This leaflet, written by the Why Believe? apologetics group, is a straightforward introduction to what Christians believe, for people with no church connection.

Leaflets are available in bundles of 20 and are free of charge.


Learn Publications

LearnLearn is an initiative within the Mission and Discipleship Council to equip and resource local congregations in the areas of worship, mission and discipleship. Resources are designed for a single-user and/or group settings and are supported with online tools such as short film series to elaborate certain topics covered within the material. Learn publications are now available directly from St Andrew Press.


Learning Disabilities: a discussion starter

Learning Disabilities: discussion starterLearning Disabilities: a discussion starter is a free learning and development resource. Click here to order or download and for more information.