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Join us at Bankfoot Church Centre on 24 February for our first ever Sports Equip event.

Keynote speaker - Mark Fleming - Sports Chaplaincy UK

The event will involve a number of workshops and a keynote speaker, encouraging us as the local church to identify how we can use sport as a way of connecting with our communities.

With so many major sporting events taking place across the world in 2018, is there an opportunity for us to reach out to those around us?


Hands-on Sports (with Rob Rawson)
Learn how to run a variety of quick and simple games for any number of people, using traditional indoor sports such as table tennis, pool, and a more recent favourite, Unihock.
Be prepared to have a go – it’s better felt than telt!

Recognising & Developing a Sports Parish (with Neil Urquhart)
Proving that God is into sport and loves people who do sport - encouraging Christians to be salt & light in sport and leaders in finding new and imaginative sporting opportunities. Helping people learn life skills and take steps closer to Jesus through sport.

Get the Ball Rolling (with Robbie Morrison)
Come along and share what your church has done with Sports in your community, hear from a number of people across the country about what they have been doing, and be part of a brainstorming session. This will then be turned into a resource for churches!

Christians in Sport (with Kirsten Ross)
There are hundreds of sports clubs and teams in Scotland and the need for the gospel to be taken to them remains great. This work shop will give you the opportunity to consider how you and others from your church can engage with those sports clubs and communities and share the good news of Jesus in both actions and words.

Please note that a £10 fee applies to cancellations after 11 February or if you fail to attend on the day.

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