20 September 2015 - Creation Time 3

Eco congregation Scotland offer their thoughts on Creation Time.

6 October 2013

Rev John Harvey offers his thoughts on the 20th Sunday after Pentecost.

29 June 2014

Material from the Mission and Discipleship archives, originally prepared by Rev John Oswald, on the third Sunday after Pentecost.

22 June 2014

Rev Roderick Campbell offers his thoughts on the second Sunday after Pentecost.

6 April 2014 - Fifth Sunday of Lent

Rev Margaret Whyte offers her thoughts on the fifth Sunday in Lent.

3 August 2014

Rev Alan Hamilton-Messer offers his thoughts on the eighth Sunday after Pentecost.

10 November 2013

Rev Neil Gardner offers his thoughts on Remembrance Sunday.

17 November 2013

Rev Andrea Price offers her thoughts on the twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost.

24 November 2013

Rev Tom Gordon offers his thoughts on Christ the King Sunday.

5 January 2014

Rev Ian Elston offers his thoughts on Epiphany.


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