Special themes

15 February 2015: For the Love of...

Rev Trevor Jamison and Richard Murray offer their thoughts on Worship for the Love of God's Creation material.

11 January 2015

Rev Peter Neilson offers his thoughts on the First Sunday after Epiphany.

6 January 2015

Rev Dr Alister Bull offers his thoughts on Epiphany.

4 January 2015

Rev Michael Mair offers his thoughts on the 2nd Sunday after Christmas.

2 November 2014: CrossReach Sunday

CrossReach offer their thoughts on CrossReach and Social Care Sunday.

12 October 2014

Rev Alan Birss offers his thoughts on the eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

24 August 2014: Prayer Vigil for the Middle East

This material has been prepared by the Church of Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church, Christian Aid Scotland and in partnership with the worldwide ACT Alliance of Churches.


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