Online Worship

Church of Scotland online worship guide. Young woman looking at laptop


In the light of government advice, the Church of Scotland’s Covid-19 Task Group has asked, in the strongest terms, that all physical gatherings for worship should cease until further notice. Other Scottish Churches are taking similar actions. This will include, but not be restricted to; services, housegroups, meetings for youth work, and church cafes  

We are very conscious of the need to maintain church community and to provide spiritual resources in this time, both nationally and locally. This downloadable guidance document is offered as a starting point for exploring this and will be updated in the days and weeks ahead. There are two main styles of online worship – livestreaming and virtual meetings – as well as spiritual resources which people can use in their own time.  Download the 'Guide to online worship' pdf for full details.

We have created a new guide to using music in your worship services and a flowchart to help you to identify when you need a music licence.  Download the pdfs below.

Our colleagues in Priority Areas have created three easy to follow guides to using Zoom, including joining by telephone.  Download the pdfs below.

Click here to visit the Priority Areas Facebook page or download the pdfs below.

Click here for details of CCLI's new licence for streaming worship. 

Click here or follow the link below for online worship for 22 March 2020.

Click here or follow the link below for online worship for 29 March 2020.  

You can download the pdf transcript of the online services in March.

Follow this link for a fun 3-minute video on some of the dos and don'ts of making a video