For personal reflection & public worship.

And When You Pray...

A short reflection on the different ways that we pray.

Pray it Forward cards Pastoral Care

Pray it Forward cards Pastoral Care

This new range of Pray it Forward cards comes in a more muted colour palette and includes a range of blessings and scripture passages suitable for more sensitive pastoral situations.

80 assorted cards come in a free storage box. These are priced at £5 (including VAT).

A Pray It Forward Quick Guide is available in the Resources section.


Pray it Forward cards 2016

An attrPray it Forward cardsactive collection of high quality cards, with a fresh new look, featuring a range of blessings inspired from scripture, for churches and individuals to give away free to others. (Click here for more information)


People of the Way

People of the WayPeople of the Way, Pray Now devotions, reflections, blessings and prayer activities is now available from St Andrew Press or via

Tomorrow's Calling

Tomorrow's CallingPrayers of intercession for the Church of Scotland's Tomorrow's Calling initiative.

Some of these prayers have been prepared by people from the Church of Scotland and other prayers come from our Ecumenical partners.  They have been written for use during public worship and private devotions.

Living Stones Recordings

'Living StonesMay God throw blessings like pebbles in our way that we might walk upon them, gather them up and carry them with us wherever we go.'

Revealing Love

Revealing Love

Pray Now: Revealing love is a collection of modern prayers that can be used by all denominations, by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship. Within its pages our relationship with God is explored through the theme of Paul's Hymn of Love.

How to Pray

The title of Pray Now was chosen to reflect that no matter who we are, where we have been, what we are like; everyone can start where they are and begin to pray, now. This collection of ideas may be helpful for anyone who is new to prayer.