Living Stones Recordings

'Living StonesMay God throw blessings like pebbles in our way that we might walk upon them, gather them up and carry them with us wherever we go.'

Based on the Church of Scotland's Heart & Soul theme, these fresh, beautifully crafted prayers, meditations, blessings and prayer activities help you to deepen your relationship with God, allowing time to think and space to listen. They prompt action and movement when the words just don't seem enough.

Below are some recordings of prayers, meditations and blessings, taken from Living Stones.

Living Stones can be purchased directly from St Andrew Press or via email or call them on 01603 785925. Discounts are available as follows: 10% for 5-20 copies; 20% for 21-50 copies; 35% for 51-99 copies; 45% for 100+ copies