Resources from Children, Family, Youth and Intergenerational Events

Candles encircling a cross

The Faith Nurture Forum hosted a number of events at the start of this year, and we have provided downloadable resources for you to use while we are unable to host any further events during the Coronavirus epidemic. 

Opening the Circle explored innovative ways of being church, and provided an opportunity to look at key principles of inclusion and participation, practices of faith formation and worship and to reflection on how to engage with our communities in our own context.

Conversations took place around the following areas:

  • CONNECTING THE DOTS How might we explore who we are as local congregations and how God is calling us to connect and engage with our wider community?
  • DRAWING THE CIRCLE How might we empower faith formation and develop worship practice with people outside recognisable church structures?
  • SPHERE OF INFLUENCE How might we move from ‘doing for’ to ‘doing with’ people in our churches and communities?
  • THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME How might we become more creative and inclusive in our shared spaces and practices, to help everyone to flourish?

Download the pdf of the opening and closing worship liturgy following the link below.


Regional Gatherings for Children, Youth and Family Ministry were held in various locations across the country. While there are three that had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are hopeful to offer them in 2021.


These events are an opportunity to:

  • Meet with others locally to share ideas, challenges and good news stories
  • Explore creative and innovative ways to develop our vision and practice in nurturing faith with children, young people and families
  • Encourage the development of a whole community of faith approach towards faith formation and ongoing discipleship


Download the pdf of the handouts from the Regional Gatherings following the link below.